So what, then, is the difference between CCTV and IP camcorders?

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CCTV cameras can be easily displayed on the Internet using any modern DVR. At the same time, we can not be afraid that someone will hack the DVR protocol and will view the image from the DVR, since unlike IP video cameras, most of which have a single interaction protocol (Open Network Video Interface Forum or abbreviated ONVIF), the DVR has its own a protocol that is practically impossible to crack and this is an indisputable fact, as well as the fact that Paket CCTV Murah cameras can work both via the Internet and without it, unlike IP cameras, for which the Internet is necessary by definition, in the absence of which recording will be inevitable lost.

So why, then, are IP video cameras significantly more expensive than CCTV cameras? Everything is very simple, firstly, IP video cameras combine two devices (the video camera itself and the transmitting device using the IP protocol), secondly, IP video cameras have not yet received such wide distribution as CCTV cameras and the manufacturer is not able to reduce prices depending on the volume of supplies ... Considering these factors, the difference in the price of these cameras will be noticeable for a long time to come.

Some consumers explain their motivation for installing exactly IP cameras by the fact that they want to be in trend this year and 5 years later, but this is absurd, since technologies do not stand still and what was interesting yesterday is unlikely to be just as relevant tomorrow. For example, in IP video cameras, they have recently begun to actively introduce technologies that have been tested for years on CCTV video cameras and have proven themselves on the good side, for example, CCD CCD matrices. A couple of years ago, in order to reduce the cost of production, cheaper CMOS matrices were installed in IP cameras, invented in the 60s of the last century, which, in low light, as well as moving objects, display much worse than similar cameras with a CCD matrix. By the way, the inventors of the CCD matrix were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009. As for the increase in the number of pixels, this does not stand up to any criticism at all, because at the moment it is nothing more than a marketing ploy. After all, any specialist knows that the image quality does not depend on the number of pixels, but primarily on the size of the matrix itself, because the larger the matrix size, the more light falls on it, but an increase in the matrix inevitably entails an increase in its cost. An example is video cameras that are installed in telephones. Phone manufacturers declare more and more pixels, but at the same time everyone understands perfectly well that no one, even the most modern phone, can compare in the quality of shooting with a camera, which will have similar characteristics, all due to the fact that the camera has a number of features that are impossible use in phones, and this is the lens, and the size of the matrix and a number of other factors that will inevitably lead to an increase in the size of the phone itself.

Some of the opponents may say that with the help of IP video cameras it is possible to recognize license plates and people's faces, but this will also not be true, since it is not the camera that recognizes, its only task is to shoot video, the recognition algorithm is set by the software, which successfully copes with this either with the help of a computer or with the help of a server, which, in principle, is the same, with the only difference that it will not be possible to play games or view social networks on the video server, since its only purpose is to process the video signal ... And which video camera will give an image for analysis does not matter any more, the main thing is that the image itself allows analysis.

IP video surveillance, of course, is developing at a rapid pace and video images from IP video cameras, with good lighting, are usually better than those from CCTV cameras. The lack of IP cameras with low-light operation will probably be corrected by manufacturers in the near future, and then the last issue will remain to be solved - this is an improvement in communication facilities, since one IP video camera transmits information to the Internet several times more than a 16-channel video recorder It is not recommended to display these cameras on a common network, since this can paralyze the work of everyone who uses this network to access the Internet, be it a company's office, state. organizations or private user. Unfortunately, manufacturers of IP video cameras cannot influence this factor.

As a result, what we have:

    CCTV cameras, which are one and a half to two times cheaper in relation to IP cameras and better quality than IP cameras (at least at the present time, which will be 5-10 years later we have yet to find out)
    IP cameras that transmit images directly to the Internet with a higher quality, but at the same time, when setting them up without the help of a specialist, you cannot do without the help of a specialist, and you will have to lay a separate expense item on Internet traffic.

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